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3 Piece Surprise Bag

3 Piece Surprise Bag

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Experience the joy of supporting artisans in Kenya with our exclusive 3 Piece Surprise Bag! Each bag contains a carefully curated selection of 3 surprise fair trade jewelry pieces, crafted with love and skill by talented artisans. Not only will you receive stunning jewelry at an unbeatable price, but your purchase also contributes to empowering these artisans and their families.

We're excited to offer this opportunity as we make room for our upcoming fall inventory. The photos provided offer a glimpse into the kind of beautiful handcrafted pieces you may find in your surprise bag.

Even if you already own one of the jewelry pieces, don't fret! Simply gift one of the pieces as an excellent gifts for a special person in your life. Purchase your Surprise Bag today and enjoy the beauty of Kenyan craftsmanship!

*Excludes Wholesale*

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