Collection: Mila Collection

In Swahili, mila means culture or tradition.  Our Mila Collection was created as a tribute to the cultural heritage of Kenya, where we merged modern design elements with traditional forms of African art.  Batik, a dyeing method using wax overlays, is an art form that has been taught across Kenya for generations.  Many artisans learned this technique from family members, neighbors, or friends and it is applied on ethically sourced bone pieces throughout the collection. In addition to our hand-crafted batik bone pieces, the Mila Collection features an eclectic array of recycled glass beads from Ghana, recycled brass, fair trade coffee beans, and other natural materials sourced locally near our production site in Nanyuki, all of which highlight the beauty that is Kenya. Our Mila Collection also  includes houseware pieces handcrafted from sustainably sourced natural materials like reed fibers and banana tree bark.  With each purchase, you’re helping to provide job security and empowerment to our team of artisans in Kenya, celebrating the rich cultural traditions of East Africa, and creating opportunities to share the mission of the Grain of Rice Project with those around you.